Friday, February 15, 2019

Let me count even more ways.

My friend, Christopher, added to my list of ways to neglect details in the darkroom.  (my responses in red).

  • have you ever put the negative in upside down? Yes
  • have you ever forgotten to stop the lens down after focusing? Yes
  • have you ever forgotten to close the door tight? No, but in my former darkroom there was a crack under the door that needed a throw rug pushed against it -- that I forgot from time to time.
  • have you ever forgotten to rinse AND dry your hands before going over to the dry side (sorry, i couldn't resist)? No, but likely only because I wear a glove when sloshing about in the trays.
  • have you pushed your chemistry past it's pull date? Only very mildly -- "one more print to do before I quit for the day"
  • have you ever missed the stop bath, putting your film in the fix right after development? No, missed that one.
  • this is one of my favorites, have you ever forgotten your prints in the wash, leaving them there for a couple of days? Yes
  • and can't forget, have you ever left the wash water too warm, remembering just in time to see your print's emulsion peeling away? No, but I did do that to a tank full of Ektachrome once.  Does that count?
i didn't think it fair to mention leaving a throwaway work print on the bottom of the sink to dry emulsion side down and over the drain hole.  Yes.

It's reassuring to hear that photographers whose work I respect klutz it up too.

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